Ti6j42aXThe Midget AAA Waterloo Wolves program encourages players to be well-rounded individuals, who work hard academically, and give of their time both on and off the ice.

From 2005 to 2016, the Midget AAA Waterloo Wolves Scholarship was presented to Midget AAA Waterloo Wolves alumni who have achieved academic success, and who have shown leadership both on and off the ice, to obtain a post-secondary education.

These scholarships will recognize players’ efforts and their commitment to the next step in their academic future.

We would like to thank Russ McEachnie and the Redman Family for their support of the Waterloo Wolves’ Scholarship program.


  • Trevor Martin (2006)
  • Travis Witt (2007)
  • Josh Rubenschuh (2008)
  • 2009 not awarded*
  • 2010 not awarded*
  • Evan Canzi (2011)
  • Jon Nagata (2012)
  • Trevor Sauder (2013 Russ McEachnie Scholarship)
  • Ryan Scanlan (2013 Redman Family Scholarship)
  • Tim Nauta (2014 Russ McEachnie Scholarship)
  • Connor Kaminski (2014 Redman Family Scholarship)
  • Sam Cherry (2015 Redman Family Scholarship)
  • Steven Nelson (2015 McEachnie Scholarship)
  • Garrett Schultz (2016)

*not awarded as none of the applicants successfully demonstrated that they met all of the benchmark criteria.