Billet Program

The Waterloo Minor Hockey Association is requesting any parties who may be interested in billeting a Midget AAA hockey player for the 2017-2018 season to review the following information.

As of 2013-14, the Midget AAA Billet Program has played a major role in the team’s success both on and off the ice. One of the most difficult things for a hockey player is moving away from home.   A lot is expected of these 16-17 year old players both on and off the ice. It takes special people to open their homes and hearts to these young men and by living with supportive local families our players will be positioned to successfully integrate in to their new team, school and community.

Our goal is to be able to offer players environments with billet families that are conducive to care, understanding and safety.  Our ask is that these young men are treated like any other member of your family.  It is important that he respects the rules of his host family and the host family respects the rules of the hockey club.


• Single or double bed per player (player may share a room with another player – but not with host family members)
• Dresser and closet space
• Towels and shower supplies are responsibility of host family
• Laundry and mending are usually done by host family
• Long distance phone calls are player’s responsibility
• A desk or table with adequate lighting for school work
• Internet access


• Room and board
• Two tickets to Wolfamania

These are benefits that come along with billeting a Waterloo Wolves Midget AAA player.  These perks however do not equal the joy a family receives from opening their hearts and home to one of these young men who is trying to achieve his dream.

Are you and your family interested in hosting a Waterloo Wolves Midget AAA player?  If so please contact Debi Purcell, Player Billeting Co-ordinator at 226-749-1855 or debi.purcell@fcc.cafor more details.